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Liberating you from difficult thoughts and feelings through science and self-acceptance.

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As your therapist, I offer you the science-backed strategies of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Through our work, you:

  • Struggle less with your difficult thoughts, uncomfortable feelings, and unhelpful self-labels.
  • Reconnect with and honor your whole self.
  • Free yourself from the trap of avoiding inner pain.
  • Move through life (even the hard parts) guided by what matters to you.

As the Founder of Busting Free℠ Health Coaching, I offer you ACT-based strategies to heal on the inside from silhouette-altering breast surgery.

Through our work, you:

  • Move through mastectomy, aesthetic flat closure, or explant with awareness of and liberation from society’s “rules” about women and breasts.
  • Are companioned by someone who understands these journeys personally and professionally.
  • Emerge stronger, wiser, and more radiant than ever before.

Ways to work with me:


I specialize in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). I am experienced using ACT to help people overcome many different inner struggles and unhelpful behaviors. It’s best to reach out to me directly to explore the alignment between your goals and my practice.


Busting FreeSM health coaching helps you find your way before, during, and long after explant, explant to flat, or post-mastectomy aesthetic flat closure. This isn’t psychotherapy for past trauma or mental illness; it’s about learning to lower your mental breast rulebook and living the rest of your life on your terms with an unshakeable self-acceptance practice.


When facing silhouette-altering breast surgery, you may want an agenda-free, non-judgmental, and professional space to explore what’s best for you, while honoring your psychosocial well-being. During this one-hour consultation, I help you make sense of your thoughts, feelings, and actions to-date and holistically prepare for what is yet to come.


LIVE, one-hour, online classes filling the gap in professional psychosocial support for women who facing or recovering from silhouette-altering breast surgery like mastectomy, aesthetic flat closure, or explant.

free resources


Your explant journey has rough spots. So I created and freely share an e-book offering science-backed and on-the-go ways to steady yourself using the mind-body connection whenever you feel unsteady.


Did you know women are wired for connection, especially during times of stress? Join my free community supporting the inner journey for women whose lives are touched by longing for, living with, or removing breast implants.


My blog, Reclaiming You, features articles you won’t find elsewhere. It’s all about navigating the mental, emotional, and social challenges that show up on your explant or aesthetic flat closure journey.

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All testimonials are gathered and shared following professional guidelines and ethics.

“Amanda is extraordinary. She lifted me up, supported me and walked along side me. Her expertise, along with my consistent execution of her recommendations, is what got me out of the deep, dark hole I was in. She is wise, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and an excellent communicator. Amanda exudes confidence and serenity; I really looked forward to our sessions! All her recommendations are derived from evidence-based research. It was comforting to know that what she was suggesting has been proven to work. I can’t say enough positive things about her.”

– Cindy H.

“Amanda and I actually did work. It was not just a session where I could vent, but I was able to talk about difficult experiences. With her knowledge and compassion, I was able to take what I learned into real life practice. I would highly recommend Amanda to someone experiencing a difficult change in their life. They should expect hard and rewarding work, filled with compassion and care.”

– Christine B.

“I came to Amanda during a really hard time in my life, she made me feel heard and helped me learn skills and tools to manage my situation and struggles. The skills I learned working with her have had transformative effects in my life. Amanda’s approach, compassion, kindness, and skill helped me move toward a more meaningful life. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone navigating a difficult time in their life or struggling with difficult emotions. Expect to learn skills and tools to help you move toward your values and live a more meaningful life.”


“Amanda taught me how to use my mind to regulate my emotions, cope with distress, and create solutions that elevate my consciousness while prioritizing my self-care. Amanda helped me realize that there was nothing inherently wrong with me. Having that insight made me feel powerful enough to continue healing myself beyond our sessions together. I’m thankful to Amanda for playing a significant role in changing the trajectory of my life. I felt like Amanda really cared about me as a person, whether I was her client or not, and I will always cherish her for that!”

– Brittany L.

“Amanda is an incredible guiding force for women who are seeking positive transformation in their lives. She has heard my struggles, helped me through them, and provided actionable methods to heal. In less than a year of working together, Amanda gave me the greatest gift – how to develop and navigate life positively and mindfully. Amanda is by far the most approachable and professional resource I have worked with to achieve personal acceptance and clarity. Her sincere approach to helping me gave me comfort and confidence throughout my transformation.”

– Rose G.

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