BRITE™ Inner Healing

BRITE™ Inner Healing

There’s much more to getting or removing breast implants than changing your breasts’ appearance.

There’s an entire inner journey that propels you to the implant table, leads you to tolerate problems with your breast implants, and makes it hard to move toward explant.

If you’re like most women I work with, you may be profoundly aware of why you got breast implants but unaware of the powerful behind-the-scenes process driving that decision. That inner process sets the trap of trying to “fix” how you feel on the inside by “fixing” how you look on the outside.

Though you may want to give yourself a sense of belonging and acceptance, you may genuinely have no idea how. 

And when you try to find help, most things focus on the physical side of breast implant removal. 

This can leave you struggling with your difficult thoughts and painful feelings when facing breast implant loss and adjusting to your post-explant chest.

that inner struggle can lead you to miss the opportunity to truly heal on the inside.

Because we repeat what we don’t repair, recovering from breast implant loss must include mental, emotional, and social healing,

otherwise you continue struggling on the inside with how you appear on the outside.

By busting free from the unhelpful things you learned about women, breasts, and belonging, you can live the rest of your life with an unshakeable self-acceptance practice.

I know the physical, mental, and emotional drain of living with breast implants you eventually need to replace or remove. I had them for 12 years.

I’ve felt the inner pain and suffering of undiagnosed breast implant illness.

I know the panic of urgently needing to remove a ruptured breast implant.

And I know how hard it can be, on the inside, as you move toward explant and adjust to your post-explant chest.

That’s why I translated the science-based approaches I use in my private psychotherapy practice to help you overcome the mental, emotional, and social challenges that come with breast implants and their removal. To help you fully reclaim your body, mind, and heart before, during, and long after explant, I created BRITE™ (Breast implant Through Explant) Inner Healing.

BRITE Inner Healing teaches you:

To compassionately acknowledge your natural and ongoing drive to belong

To unhook yourself from whatever unhelpful beliefs you might hold about women, breasts, & belonging

New ways to respond to internalized breast shame

On-the-go mindfulness practices to stay fully present and focus on problems that need your attention

How to reconnect with and be guided by what matters most to you 

Ways to see beyond your breast-related self concept so you move through your journey with breast implants on your terms

These evidence-based skills will help you…

emerge from your journey with breast implants, stronger and more radiant than ever before.

My goal is to help you reclaim yourself from the breast-related thoughts and feelings that push you around on the inside, so you can live the rest of your life liberated from your social learning about women, breasts, and belonging.

If, like me and so many women, you learned a long time ago to live life from the outside in, constantly assessing how you measure up and looking for ways to “fix” you, then you may have no idea how to take care of yourself when inner pain shows up on your journey with breast implants or their removal.

I get it. I was in your exact shoes.

No matter what stage you’re at in your journey, I can help you mindfully reconnect with the inside of YOU and skillfully find your way to true self-acceptance.

I know it may feel impossible right now.

And if you want to be in the driver’s seat on your journey with breast implants, I’ve got you covered.

I wrote Busting Free, the first-of-its-kind self-help book for women whose life journey includes temporary and problem-prone breast implants. It helps you bring your whole self forward on your journey with breast implants or explant. And helps you live the rest of your life on your terms. It’s coming out summer 2022. From there, we can connect through my online workshops, and courses.

other women like you…

All testimonials are gathered and shared following professional guidelines and ethics.

“Amanda is extraordinary. She lifted me up, supported me and walked along side me. Her expertise, along with my consistent execution of her recommendations, is what got me out of the deep, dark hole I was in. She is wise, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and an excellent communicator. Amanda exudes confidence and serenity; I really looked forward to our sessions! All her recommendations are derived from evidence-based research. It was comforting to know that what she was suggesting has been proven to work. I can’t say enough positive things about her.”

– Cindy H.

“Amanda and I actually did work. It was not just a session where I could vent, but I was able to talk about difficult experiences. With her knowledge and compassion, I was able to take what I learned into real life practice. I would highly recommend Amanda to someone experiencing a difficult change in their life. They should expect hard and rewarding work, filled with compassion and care.”

– Christine B.

“I came to Amanda during a really hard time in my life, she made me feel heard and helped me learn skills and tools to manage my situation and struggles. The skills I learned working with her have had transformative effects in my life. Amanda’s approach, compassion, kindness, and skill helped me move toward a more meaningful life. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone navigating a difficult time in their life or struggling with difficult emotions. Expect to learn skills and tools to help you move toward your values and live a more meaningful life.”


“Amanda taught me how to use my mind to regulate my emotions, cope with distress, and create solutions that elevate my consciousness while prioritizing my self-care. Amanda helped me realize that there was nothing inherently wrong with me. Having that insight made me feel powerful enough to continue healing myself beyond our sessions together. I’m thankful to Amanda for playing a significant role in changing the trajectory of my life. I felt like Amanda really cared about me as a person, whether I was her client or not, and I will always cherish her for that!”

– Brittany L.

“Amanda is an incredible guiding force for women who are seeking positive transformation in their lives. She has heard my struggles, helped me through them, and provided actionable methods to heal. In less than a year of working together, Amanda gave me the greatest gift – how to develop and navigate life positively and mindfully. Amanda is by far the most approachable and professional resource I have worked with to achieve personal acceptance and clarity. Her sincere approach to helping me gave me comfort and confidence throughout my transformation.”

– Rose G.

Breast implants are not lifetime or problem-free devices.

To help you move through the distress of doing something that defies what you were told about breasts, I translated the evidence-based approaches from my private psychotherapy practice where I help women reclaim their minds and bodies from things that harm them, like adverse childhood experiences, grief and loss, people pleasing, empathy entrapment, anxiety, and self-acceptance deficits.

I created a practical, on-the-go, skill-based program called BRITE™ Inner Healing. It helps you navigate your breast implant through explant journey in a way that actually teaches you how to live with true self-acceptance. 

It’s time to live your life from the inside out…

To support clients’ different needs and budgets, I offer Resources and support for navigating the mental and emotional side of breast implants and their removal in different formats:

BRITE™ Inner Companions

BRITE™ Inner Companions is an agenda-free Facebook group for connecting with other women about the mental and emotional side of breast implants and their removal. 

I provide prompts, tips, tools, and science-based information and perspective to help you along the way.

Whether you are considering breast implants, living with implants you eventually want or urgently need to remove, or have explanted and want to heal more fully from the inside out, you are welcome here.

1 on 1 Support

Your explant journey is not something you need to do alone. If the free community isn’t a fit for you, 1 on 1 support is available.

This is for you if you’re ready to do serious inner work to reclaim your mind and body from breast implants. 

With individualized BRITE™ Coaching & Companioning, I help you bust your quest for better breasts through personalized BRITE™ Inner Healing. Your journey is unique, so our work will be tailored to meet your needs.

You learn accessible, on-the-go inner skills to help you move through your journey on your terms, behaving like the woman you most want to be. You learn how to transform self-acceptance from a lofty “wouldn’t that be nice to have” concept into a choice you make and an action you take.

BRITE™ Coaching & Companioning is not psychotherapy. It’s active, experiential, skills training where you learn to companion yourself through your most difficult thoughts and feelings, no matter how your breasts and body change over time.

We meet over a telehealth platform, allowing you to work in the comfort of your own home.

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