Busting Free

The Award-Winning Self-Help book

Busting Free won the 2022 Best Independent Book Award for Women’s Well-Being

Did the social valuing of breasts lead you to augment, restore, or reconstruct yours with implants? If so, then you know the powerful thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that lead you onto the implant table, crowd your heart and mind when living with or removing breast implants, and persist after explant—even when you’re thrilled to be implant-free.

But you can liberate yourself from the quest for better breasts and heal its harder-to-see inner scars. Amanda Savage Brown, Ph.D., LCSW, lights the way. Inspired by her own explant journey and specialty practice in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, she created a landmark inner healing program for anyone whose life journey includes breast implants.

Now you can access her balanced blend of professional insight and personal experience in this first-of-its-kind self-help book and its digital library of guided audios, demo videos, and worksheets. If you like relatable books that offer science-based change, you will love how Busting Free helps you:

  • Discover the behind-the-scenes process that created your breast “rulebook” and how to stop struggling with its content.
  • Tame the part of your mind that tries fixing your feelings by “fixing” your appearance.
  • Find your way through this journey’s mental, emotional, and social concerns.
  • Transform self-acceptance from an elusive concept into tangible practice—for the rest of your life.

If you want to finally reclaim your body, mind, and heart from what society taught you to believe about breasts, start Busting Free today.

Readers of Busting Free learn to find their way,be real,heal on the inside,let go of society’s rules

Busting Free Digital Library

Busting Free is more active and experiential than most self-help books. It’s not a “sit with your eyes closed” or journal-intensive self-help book. You’ll do some of that, but the real benefits come from bringing its content into your life. Though I provide written prompts throughout the book to guide you along the way, some material is better for you to experience (rather than read), and there are a few transformational exercises that simply cannot be read–they must be felt.

So I created the Busting Free Digital Library and filled it with one-of-a-kind guided audios, demo videos, and fillable templates to help you experience and interact with the material.

Busting Free Digital Library Highlights

Explant to smaller breasts

This mindful body scan helps your mind adjust to the size difference in your breasts after explant surgery.*

explant to flat

This mindful body scan helps your mind adjust to the loss of breast mounds after explanting flat.*

stop struggling with the breast “rulebook”

This demo video shows what happens when you stop struggling with society’s rules about breasts.

*Though these guided audios require no bodily movement and should be safe to practice during recovery, always follow your explant surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

other resources to help you bust free

your Inner BRAKE

Chapter 5 of Busting Free offers you a science-backed inner skill to steady yourself using the mind-body connection anytime you feel unsteady on this journey or in life. This free e-book shares that skill with you.


holistic Explant Checklist

Chapter 11 of Busting Free offers you MANY ways to act on your behalf before, during, and after explant, including how to holistically prepare yourself for explant. This Holistic Explant Plan Checklist draw from its content and helps you ready yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.


*I hope these resources are helpful to you. As I create more resources, I’ll email them too.

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