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I specialize in helping adultS learn mindful self-acceptance. As my client, you will learn to struggle less with your unwanted thoughts and feelings and bring your whole self forward to pursue what matters most to you. 

Ways to work with me:


I specialize in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). I am experienced using ACT to help people overcome many different inner struggles and unhelpful behaviors. It’s best to reach out to me directly to explore the alignment between your goals and my practice.


Busting FreeSM health coaching helps you find your way before, during, and long after explant, explant to flat, or post-mastectomy aesthetic flat closure. This isn’t psychotherapy for past trauma or mental illness; it’s about learning to lower your mental breast rulebook and living the rest of your life on your terms with an unshakeable self-acceptance practice.


When facing silhouette-altering breast surgery, you may want an agenda-free, non-judgmental, and professional space to explore what’s best for you, while honoring your psychosocial well-being. During this one-hour consultation, I help you make sense of your thoughts, feelings, and actions to-date and holistically prepare for what is yet to come.


LIVE, one-hour, online classes filling the gap in professional psychosocial support for women who explant, explant to flat, or choose aesthetic flat closure directly after mastectomy.

Working with me is different…

More than traditional talk therapy

Rather than talking about the importance of staying present, for example, I ensure you know what that feels like in your body and mind and how to take our work into your real life.

We focus on what you think, feel, and do

Rather than challenging your difficult thoughts and unwanted feelings, you learn new ways to respond to them. You struggle less on the inside and do more life-enhancing things on the outside.

You will see yourself differently

My psychotherapeutic, scientific, and public health background  help you see how you’re influenced by complex cellular processes, an innate drive to belong, and powerful social influences. This view opens you up to genuine self-compassion.

You will learn science-based strategies

Some stuff we do might seem a little “woo woo,” but rest assured, it all comes from evidence-based approaches known to ease human suffering (i.e., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and clinical Relational Frame Theory). Learn more at
In-person clients love the soothing vibe of my office.
I use a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform for video sessions.
I also have HIPAA-compliant therapy cats!
Amanda Savage Brown

We’ll be a good fit if you’re willing to:

let go

ARe you ready to Let go of old, unhelpful coping behaviors that provide you relief but also interfere with building and living a meaningful life?


do you want to Learn new ways to respond to your thoughts and feelings? 


will you Experiment with those new ways between sessions?

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