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There’s more than meets the eye to breast surgery. There’s a deeply felt inner journey.

When facing silhouette-altering surgery like mastectomy, aesthetic flat closure, explant, or explant to flat, you may want to give yourself a sense of belonging and acceptance, but genuinely have no idea how.

And when you try to find help, most things focus on the surgery rather than your inner well-being.

You’re left struggling with your difficult thoughts, painful feelings, and old, unhelpful beliefs about women, breasts, and belonging.

That inner struggle May overshadow your opportunity to fully heal on the inside.

But by seizing that opportunity, you can live the rest of your life with an unshakeable self-acceptance practice-no matter how your body changes and ages.

Although your journey is as unique as you, I “get” the inner stuff-personally and professionally. I know how to help you emerge from it stronger and more radiant than ever before.

I know you may feel overwhelmed right now. you may even be tempted to back-burner your inner healing.

That’s why I developed Busting FreeSM Health Coaching & Companioning. It blends my expertise in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with a powerful change model.

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You learn:

To compassionately acknowledge your natural and ongoing drive to belong

To unhook yourself from whatever unhelpful beliefs you might hold about women, breasts, & belonging

New ways to respond to internalized breast shame

On-the-go mindfulness practices to stay fully present and focus on problems that need your attention

How to reconnect with and be guided by what matters most to you 

Ways to see beyond your breast-related self concept so you move through your journey with breast implants on your terms

This isn’t psychotherapy for past trauma or mental illness; it’s about learning to lower your mental breast rulebook so you can live the rest of your life on your terms, liberated from any of society’s other “rules” for how you ought to be.

Busting FreeSM Health Coaching is available in-person and online, one-hour sessions, $150 each. You’re in the driver’s seat, so there’s no “package” to buy, no minimum sessions, and no rigid schedule. Unlike psychotherapy, health coaching is not reimbursed by insurance or health savings accounts. 

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