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Online Classes

LIVE, one-hour, online classes filling the gap in professional psychosocial support for women who explant, explant to flat, or choose aesthetic flat closure directly after mastectomy. 

Classes help you manage your mental, emotional, and social concerns before and after surgery. Each class dives deeply into its topic and offers evidence-based tips for use in your real life.

Some will include eyes-closed experiential exercises.

All feature Q&A time with me.  

Each class is $25 and a stand-alone resource. There’s no need to sign-up for a lengthy program, make a long-term commitment, or work through content that doesn’t apply to you. Class motto: choose what you’ll use and use what you choose!

In alignment with my professional values and ethics, I will not hold content back in an attempt to upsell you additional services or products.

To honor that these journeys are highly nuanced, a wide variety of class topics are planned.

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