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I specialize in helping adult women learn mindful self-acceptance. As my client, you will learn to struggle less with your unwanted thoughts and feelings and bring your whole self forward to pursue what matters most to you. 

Ways to work with me:


BRITE Inner Healing Coaching

Busting Free community

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Online Workshops

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Working with me is different…

I use an experiential approach.

So, for example, rather than talking about the importance of staying present, I ensure you know what that feels like in your body and mind. You will understand how to take our work into your real life.

Our work focuses on

your actions.

But you won’t be left struggling with difficult thoughts and unwanted feelings. You learn new ways to respond to them. And when you struggle less on the inside, you do more life-enhancing things on the outside.

I take a holistic,
person-in-environment view.

I merge my psychotherapeutic, scientific, and public health background to help you learn to genuinely validate that you are influenced by complex cellular processes, your innate human drive to belong, and powerful social influences.

I specialize in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT, said as a word) and clinical Relational Frame Theory (RFT). These are evidence-based approaches for easing all kinds of human suffering. Visit to learn more.

Amanda Savage Brown

We will be a good fit if you are willing to:

let go

ARe you ready to Let go of old, unhelpful coping behaviors that provide you relief but also interfere with building and living a meaningful life?


do you want to Learn new ways to respond to your thoughts and feelings? 


will you Experiment with those new ways between sessions?

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