My Pledge to You

My pledge to you is based upon my values as a professional therapist and a fellow human being.

I will:

  • Provide you with scientifically-proven methods that have been shown to help people live fuller, more meaningful lives despite painful experiences;
  • Attentively listen to you, remember what you tell me, and actively engage with you toward change;
  • Be prepared for our appointments by reviewing our notes from the prior session before we begin our next session;
  • Reach out to other professionals should I feel your care would be maximized by additional perspectives;
  • Alert you when I observe you engaging in helpful behavior and when I suspect old, unhelpful behaviors or thinking patterns may be showing up in-session;
  • Continue to engage in post-graduate training and consultation, so that I am always learning and improving my ability to provide effective care to you;
  • Only ask you to engage with me in therapeutic interventions that are proven to be effective and are based on scientific research;
  • Uphold the ethics of my profession and maintain a professional, yet deeply personable, relationship with you.

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