Explant Consultation

Are you thinking about removing your breast implants “someday?”

Are you post-mastectomy, living with implants or expanders, and “flat curious?”

Are you facing mastectomy and unsure if you want to reconstruct with implants?

There is much to consider and you may want an agenda-free, non-judgmental professional space, outside of social media, where you can explore what’s best for you while honoring your psychosocial well-being.

During this one-hour consultation, you bring your questions and concerns over changing or losing this hypersexualized part of your body.* I help you make sense of your thoughts, feelings, and actions to-date and understand what is yet to come. I provide you with helpful resources, personalized for your circumstances. I ensure you understand why and how to advocate on your behalf. This time is 100% focused on soothing your distressed nervous system and helping you prepare inside and out. Investment is $200.

*Note: Though I ensure you are prepared for surgical consults, it is beyond the scope of my practice to provide medical advice or surgical recommendations.

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