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(Note: These questions for surgeons help you prepare for explant irrespective of whether you have or identify with breast implant illness.)

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  • GPAC United: Breast Implant Illness Advocacy – GPAC works to ensure that every patient is given the proper safety information to make educated and informed decisions about their medical procedures.
  • Breast Implant Safety Alliance – (BISA Nonprofit) works to raise awareness, optimize outcomes and ensure informed consent for patients considering breast implant surgery.

overcome explant’s mental, emotional, and social challenges

Breast Implant Through Explant (BRITE) Inner Healing with Amanda Savage Brown, PhD, LCSW offers a unique blend of science and mindfulness-based strategies to find your way through explant’s harder-to-see, but deeply felt, inner journey. It starts long before you get breast implants and stays with you long after explant. No matter where you are in your journey with breast implants or their removal, BRITE Inner Healing teaches you research-backed inner skills so that finally know how to give yourself acceptance, no matter how your body changes on this journey and throughout your life.

To steady yourself before, during, or after breast implant removal, or anytime it’s hard to reclaim you, download my free e-book Using Your Inner BRAKE.


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bras, lingerie, oil, and cream

  • Pretty Lovely You Founded by a BII-survivor-owned who guarantees bra sizes for smaller chested and post-explant women.  
  • Love, Lexxi Founded by a post-explant woman who teamed up with industry veterans to marry comfort with stunning designs.  
  • Skarlette Limited Attractive post-surgical lingerie, designed by flat women, for flat women.
  • AIKYOU | The lingerie brand for small boobs
  • Complex Creatures all-natural breast oil and cream for post-surgery healing and breast health.

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