Amanda Savage Brown
March 29, 2023
@ 12:00 pm (CT)
Online Learning

Pre-Explant Aesthetic Anxiety

What is it? Why do you feel it? And how to companion yourself through it.

Do you find yourself worrying about how you will appear if you remove your breast implants “someday”?

Perhaps you’re eagerly moving toward explant and your aesthetic anxiety makes the journey confusing, worrisome, or challenging.

In this live class, I will discuss why you need a strategy to manage pre-explant aesthetic anxiety—even when you’re eager to be implant free. I will share evidence-based skills you can use to care for your aesthetic-related concerns and move through your explant journey with the heart of a companion.

You can use these skills far beyond explant—whenever you’re doing anything important to you that also feels risky.

A woman partially visualized behind a sheer curtain, hiding from view like a woman may wish to do after she removes her breast implants.

This class will cover:

What is pre-explant aesthetic anxiety and how to tell if yours is problematic
Why it’s important to make room for aesthetic anxiety rather than pushing it away
How to Notice-Name-Neutralize aesthetic anxiety
How to genuinely validate the part of your mind holding this fear
Why you should thank your mind when it offers up these worries
How and why to give yourself compassion as you face these fears
How to S-T-O-P yourself from struggling with aesthetic anxiety

In addition to the live presentation, you will be guided through an eyes-closed exercise helping you feel what it’s like to genuinely validate the part of your mind holding onto aesthetic concerns.

Everything I teach is drawn from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ensuring you will be given evidence-based strategies known to ease this kind of inner pain. My goal for each class is for each participant to leave knowing when, why, and how to use the class content to create meaningful change in your real life.

If you want to use your explant journey to learn new ways to respond to difficult thoughts and uncomfortable feelings about your appearance, then this online learning is for you.

Who should take this class:

  • Women considering removing their breast implants “someday”
  • Women who know they’re going to eventually explant
  • Women awaiting a scheduled explant surgery
  • Women who want to reclaim their hearts, minds, and bodies from society’s “rules” about breasts

This class isn’t suited for:

  • Those who believe explant is as simple as choosing “health over vanity”
  • Women looking for ways to “get rid” of their aesthetic anxiety (Anyone who offers such a strategy is either misinformed or misleading you.)
  • Anyone for whom this topic may trigger unresolved trauma or dissociation. This is a skills-based, psychoeducational class rather than online group therapy.*

What to expect

Privacy & Safety

  • Cameras Off
  • Ask Questions Anonymously
  • No Hidden Agenda

Classes are not focused on WHAT you choose regarding your breast implant or explant journey, but rather, HOW you show up for yourself along the way.

Recording & Transcript

You can attend live or wait for the recording.

Everyone who registers will get access to the video recording and automated transcript.

Recordings are typically ready within 3 business days.

Q&A Session

Get your questions answered live or in writing.

All classes include time for Q&A during the live event. If I can’t answer all questions during class, they will be addressed in writing.

All students receive a Q&A file with the recording.

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