What’s YOUR Why?

Amanda Savage Brown, PhD LCSW is a former public health scientist turned licensed psychotherapist and self-acceptance coach. She specializes in helping women reclaim themselves from the many things that impact our sense of self, including sexual predators, predatory marketing, people-pleasing, trauma, grief and loss.

She removed her breast implants in 2018 and immediately recognized a need to provide evidence-based support for the deeply felt, yet often overlooked, inner experience that comes with wanting, living with, or removing breast implants, and adjusting to life after explant.

To develop the most helpful resources, she conducts “What’s Your Why?” interviews with women whose lives are touched by breast implants. She believes every woman’s “whys” are unique and important.

You can share yours by completing this form. Information gathered through this effort is anonymous. By completing this form, you consent to your responses being used in the development of resources and materials to help women navigating the powerful inner journey that drives us to get breast implants and struggle inwardly when we remove them.

Please Note: all questions are asked in a nonjudgmental spirit, from a woman who “gets it” both personally and professionally, and who believes women are strongest when we come together. Thank you for your participation.

What you are/were hoping to “fix” by getting them?
Please comment on both your physical and inner experiences, like cold or painful breasts, breast implant illness, exercise limitations, unwanted amounts of attention, feeling self-conscious, compromised hugs, values conflicts, regret, guilt, etc.

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