Reclaiming your inner wellness

Written By: Amanda Savage Brown, Ph.D., LCSW

Wellness comes when you work toward balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Like a nest, your wellness is cobbled together by many different pieces. Your finished product is unique to you. 

Your particular sense of wellness may be related to your family, career, health, appearance, social connections, intelligence, creativity, accomplishments, or abilities. Throughout life, you do all sorts of things to improve your wellness. These things are usually based on what’s important to you.  You may pursue higher education or a professional trade, partner, get divorced, pursue motherhood, achieve in the workplace, choose to work inside the home, have elective or preventive surgery, exercise, diet, volunteer, etc. 

Different types of change affect your wellness differently

Your wellness fluctuates with:

  • Anticipated changes that come as we age like partnering, motherhood, menopause, empty-nesting, and retirement
  • Unanticipated changes that come with chronic disease, disability, tragic losses, infidelity, etc.
  • Chosen change such as elective or preventive surgeries

Unfortunately, not all things go as planned. Phase-of-life transitions and changes (even those we choose) can bring tremendous physical and emotional suffering; surgeries can have complications, and life inevitably hands us pain. 

Conversely, a failure to change can also impact your well-being.  You may have a long-standing negative self-perception holding you back. 

Your sense of wellness is unique to you.

  • Only you know if you are continuing to work toward balancing your physical, mental, and social well-being in a way that feels helpful and authentic to you.
  • You may look on the outside like you’re “hitting all the marks” and on the inside, you may feel purposeless, overwhelmed, drained, or defeated.
  • You may feel you never had the skills to ‘build the nest’ you truly desire, or you may have self-defeating beliefs and emotions that interfere.
  • Or you may have sustained so much ‘damage to your nest’ that you don’t know where to begin the rebuild. ​

How I help women rebuild and reclaim their wellness

My approach to working with women’s wellness issues is drawn from two highly effective mindfulness-based behavioral therapies: acceptance and commitment therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.  I am honored to have helped women of all ages rebuild and reclaim their wellness through mindful acceptance and change processes.  

Whether you struggle with unexpected developments or plans gone wrong, long-standing body-acceptance issues, aging, or something else, I can help you reclaim your inner wellness and take actions based on how you most want to be.

Together, we will work to empower you to balance yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

You will learn how to mindfully direct your attention to wherever you need it most. Through acceptance and change skills you will learn to stop struggling with things that pull you away from your wellness, and instead put your efforts toward personal behaviors promoting self-care and compassion.  Depending on your circumstances, we will also learn emotion regulation and distress tolerance skills to use while you navigate difficult transitions and stressful changes.  

If you are a woman whose life circumstances threaten your wellness or leave you feeling defeated or drained, and you’re ready to work on building or restoring your wellness, I encourage you to reach out and see how I may help.  


Amanda Savage Brown, PhD, LCSW, is a self-acceptance counselor & coach. She uses the research-backed approaches from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help adults reclaim their wellbeing from adverse childhood experiences, other trauma, grief, loss, and people-pleasing through mindful self-acceptance and values-guided change. 

She explanted in 2018, recovered from breast implant illness, and specializes in helping women find their way before, during, and after breast implant removal.

She is the author of Busting Free, the award-winning self-help book for women whose life journey includes breast implants.

Learn more at and follow her on FB and IG @dr.amandasavagebrown

Disclaimer: All information shared in these blog posts is educational and should not be used as a substitute for therapy or taken as therapeutic guidance.

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